I’m headed to NYC tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some fun activities or restaurants!? I’m vegetarian so if anyone knows of any good vegan spots I’d love to try them out! I’m looking forward to adventuring around the city! Also, I’m shipping my etsy/storenvy orders out tomorrow before I leave for a week, so just a heads up! Any recommendations would be much appreciated💕 #newyork #nyc #vacation #turban #headband #leopard #etsy #girl #ammeb #silverhair #lavenderhair #purplehair #animalprint #accessories #advice #travel #pale #pastel

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  9. sixxhundredsixtysix said: GO TO CONEY ISLAND! there’s a little shop there called lola starr and it’s so cute. plus coney is so fun. :)
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    I know nothing about New York food, but I do know that you just shot up to the top of my Tumblr girl crush list.
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    I’m from NYC, and I know quiiite a few good vegan/vegetarian places here!
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